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Simplify your email

Inky is a simplified email client for Windows. View full description


  • Intuitive interface
  • Good Gmail integration
  • Quick search
  • Priority inbox
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for many email services


  • No label support
  • Relevance symbols too similar
  • Doesn't pull in Google Contacts


Inky is a simplified email client for Windows.

If you just want a simple email application to unify all of your email accounts, Inky is definitely an app you should check out. Programs like Outlook offer more powerful features but they may be overkill for many.

The beauty of Inky is its simplistic interface. Big buttons allow you to access different accounts, settings, and features. There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts for those power users as well. Once you've created an Inky account, you can log into various email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and so you can have access to all of these accounts whenever you log into Inky.

It's very easy to get started with Inky as your emails are displayed in the traditional column and preview pane. You can reply directly from within that email or you can choose to compose a new email. Everything is laid out logically and the options aren't intimidating.

Power users who love Gmail may find Inky lacking some important features, though. There no support for Gmail's labels and Google Contacts aren't pulled into the app, which is very disappointing. Only a select few contacts showed up. Inky features its own priority inbox and sorts relevance by different shaded water droplets. The symbols are too similar and makes it very difficult to use.

Overall, Inky is a great email hub for users who want basic features but power users will want to look elsewhere.



Inky rc20130103

User reviews about Inky

  • bskutt

    by bskutt


    slick. convenient views, much better than the stock gmail interface. promises data-at-rest and in motion security.   More.

  • gabe.sventek

    by gabe.sventek

    "inky is half baked, didn't even download ONE email...ever"

    inky failed to populate any emails at all for three different email accounts. 1 even being yahoo...i have used sever...   More.

  • steveff

    by steveff

    "It has compatibility issues"

    Doesn't work with OS X 10.7.5. at least with gmail accounts..   More.